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Small Voices

Completion Process and Breathwork

                                                Hello and Welcome to Healing Small Voices!
My name is Ashley, and I am a Healer, Teacher and a Guide. I have an amazing gift of helping people find deep rooted core patterns that present unwanted and often abusive patterns in their lives in a very safe and compassionate space. If you find yourself struggling and ready for a change, you are in the right place.

                 Reach out to me and let’s help you heal so you can be free and live a life of ease and grace.


About Me

I am a registered Nurse. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with my BSN in 2009. I started my nursing career at a Level 1 Trauma Center and after a few years moved to a less acute Veteran Hospital. Most of my nursing career was spent in the Intensive Care or the Emergency Room.  Both are very high stressful environments with overwhelming expectations. 


Unfortunately, my personal life mirrored my chaotic professional life. I often felt I was suffocating from how difficult my life was. Things were falling apart, and I could no longer run from myself. I started seeking answers. I would learn from Guru to Guru hoping someone held the key, or magic answer to my happiness. Every time I was led back to myself.


So today I am here to help you become your own Guru, your best possible self. With my healing gifts and amazing compassion, we can face and heal many of these core patterns that are preventing you from your happiness.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


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